Wednesday, January 20, 2016

Shadowhunters TV Show!!

Have you heard???? The Mortal Instruments series has finally become a TV show!! Yipee!!! I still have to read books 2-6 but I'm still a fan of the series! I'm currently reading City of Ashes so I'll get to the last book someday!

Anyway...About the TV show.....I have mixed feelings...I'm not sure how I feel about their choice of actors:

The person they chose for Clary...I don't think she's the best actor for feels a bit forced. What I mean is, she acts the way I act when I'm pretending to be in, like, a play or something. And I'm not a good actor. So...yeah. Her hair is way to perfect all the time! Like, she was running in the rain and before it got wet it was all perfect curls and everything and then, after? It looked exactly the same! Like, what? My hair would be so frizzy and definitely not that shiny so who are you trying to fool??

Jace is okay but I felt like he was trying to be too macho in the first episode. He dialed it down a bit in the second episode so I'm hoping it gets a little more realistic. His hair has been annoying the heck out of me! I don't understand why people think that kind of hairstyle is becoming the in thing... I especially hate it when it falls down and it looks like he has bangs. It looks so stupid when it does that...hahahaha....

Alec..he's pretty good. His facial structure is kind of how I pictured him in the book but not exactly. I still liked their choice for Alec. I would say he's a good actor...but I'm not a casting don't take it from me...hehe... She's okay...I guess. She doesn't seem that good of an actor to me. She has the personality down, I think.

(Dang, my actor reviews just keep getting shorter as I go down the list, hahaha)

Simon...YES! I think his face is perfect for the role! He seems like a good actor but I don't really pay that much attention to him so I might be wrong but I think his face, his persona, everything, really, are perfect! He's just...perfect for the role. I don't know how they found someone so perfect for the role but they somehow did it and I'm amazed. His face is perfect for the role and he is a GREAT actor!

~~~ that pretty much sums up the TV show review, hopefully you'll be seeing the book reviews up soon... I cannot wait until the Fallen movie comes out!!!

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