Sunday, April 19, 2015


Hi, book lovers! I am reading many books that I am super excited to do reviews on!!  Right now, I'm reading Never Fade, by Alexandra Bracken, Scarlet, by Marissa Meyer, and Every Day, by David Levithan.  I have put a hold on The Host because it is more than 600 pages and I would rather read that by itself. Sadly, I have already seen the movie, but I have been told that the ending is not the same so I am excited for that! You can be expecting a review for Never Fade soon since I am almost done with it. After that I will most likely do a review on Scarlet, but since it is the second book, I am going to think about it. I am going to read The Mortal Instruments series soon, but since it is a very popular book, I will not be doing a review on it. :( I am reading the Lux Series (by Jennifer L. Armentrout) again soon so you can expect a review for that. :D Another book I am reading again is the Embrace series, by Jessica Shirvington!!
I am super excited about the upcoming Fallen movie that is coming to theaters on July 30!! It is based on the book by Lauren Kate! I hope it is as good as the book!! That is all, Bookworms!

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